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What does everyone love? The gift of travel!


Purchase a gift certificate that can be used at any one of our three vacation rentals, the Carpenter's Cabin, GloCabin, or Twelve34 House. Certificates are valid for up to one year on a single booking for any length of stay. 


How it works: Select your gift amount. Want a $1000 certificate, select two $500 certificates. Want to purchase $350 certificates for three different people? Select three of the $350 option then designate the amount to each and the corresponding email/text to which it should deliver. Want it sent on a particular date? Enter that in the selection box too.


After your purchase you'll receive an email receipt. The recipient will receive an email with the completed certificate. Need a different delivery method? Just send us an email at booking@staythehockinghills.com and we'll try to accommodate your request! Sorry, no singing telegram deliveries at this time.

Gift Certificate