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We believe it is our responsibility to steward well our God-given resources. This means not only materials from the environment responsibly, but also our health, our time, our talents, and our finances.


We made a commitment to utilize as many organic and sustainable products as possible, and to source our products from our home state {OH - IO} as much as possible, most from local artists and craftspeople.

Building sustainable and easy to maintain structures means a reduction in the amount of maintenance and replacement, saving time, environmental resources, and finances.

Our homes showcase that living sustainably and creating a healthy environment can be done so within striking architecture and interior design, in any design style, and with any size of home.

What’s so green about it, anyway?


If you nerd out about sustainability like we do, here’s the nitty-gritty on our environmentally-responsible products:


  • R-38 insulation in the ceiling and R-21 in sidewalls made from recycled newspapers

  • Exterior junctions are caulked to further increase R-value

  • The roof pitches provide an estimated life of 50+ years

  • Shingles are made of recycled materials

  • Metal siding reduces maintenance and is less susceptible to damage, providing a longer lifespan

  • James Hardie fiber cement siding, chosen as Green Builder Magazine's "Most Sustainable Product" 

  • Reclaimed barn wood milled in Ohio is used in both GloCabin the Carpenter's Cabin

  • Green Certified laminate flooring is used in Twelve34 

  • Kitchen cabinets in the Carpenter's Cabin are IKEA Kungsbacka, recycled wood composite with a durable plastic coating made from recycled water bottles

  • Kitchen cabinets in GloCabin are custom made by local craftsman Josh Robertson

  • Energy efficient Andersen Windows in an awning style which provides the most efficient airflow for both Twelve34 and the Carpenter's Cabin, while GloCabin enjoys Energy rated traditional style Andersen Windows.  

  • Windows have been strategically placed for cross ventilation minimizing the need for air conditioning

  • Zero VOC Sherwin-Williams® SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology has been used throughout

  • Surfaces, including hardwood flooring, is protected by all natural Odie's Oil

  • All appliances are Energy Star rated for efficiency

  • Homes are situated to significantly reduce altering the natural environment

  • Nominal landscaping to maintain, and improve, the natural habitat

  • Bath towels provided are of luxurious, sustainable, and organic eucalyptus and Turkish cotton, and organic French linen using natural dyes

  • Bed linens are soft, cooling, sustainable, organic bamboo & French linen 

  • Naturepedic Mattress is a Carpenter's Cabin partner

  • Conversation pit cushions are upholstered in chemical-free performance fabric from Revolution

  • Furnishings have been carefully chosen by running through our filter: is it sustainable/green/organic, does it conserve time/energy via manufacturing/transportation/installation, maintenance, does it have longevity/durability, does it showcase exceptional design/craftsmanship, does it use financial resources wisely

  • Most bed pillows are of down alternative and sustainable latex

  • Bath soap is all-natural and organic, small batch made in Ohio

  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies used

  • And so much more


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