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We're a close family who enjoys spending time together, but living in Perrysburg, Kettering, and Lancaster, Ohio makes it a little more challenging. We've been farther apart, though, and are grateful that we're as close geographically as we currently are.

It has been a long dream of ours for us to have a rural property to which we can all escape, where grandchildren can run, and relaxing fun can be had. Our 32 acres is just this place. 


We're looking forward to hosting your visit to one of our three eco-luxe properties, the first sustainable + green rentals - inside and out - in Hocking Hills . . . possibly Ohio. They're sustainable for our family, and yours, and built for pampering and relaxation. We can't wait for you to experience our sustainable, organic, luxury amenities!

Go ahead, plan a stay in each one of our unique rentals so you can experience them all. We hope you'll appreciate our efforts and the love poured into our decisions, and visit time and time again.

Scott & Jami Jenkins

Anthony & Meg

Clark & Hannah

James, Lydia, and Chloe


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