First Eco-Luxe Vacation Rentals in Hocking Hills, Ohio


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The perfect escape for you and your favorite person (or three), Twelve34 is the ultimate modern, luxe getaway. Inspired by timeless midcentury design, Twelve34 is nearly as sumptuous and lush on the inside as the wooded ravine is on the outside. Step inside and everything else melts away.

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The wood he turns over in his rough hands is nothing special. His mind works through the possibilities, seeing life within this ordinary block. He rubs the grain thoughtfully as an idea takes shape. The carpenter gently begins revealing what’s inside. 


Carpenters are amazing artists - part creator, part engineer. In building the Carpenter’s Cabin, we highlight the simple beauty in raw and practical materials, just as our carpenter friends do.


The Carpenter’s Cabin is dedicated to the memory of a resourceful and gifted carpenter, my father.


Sunlight dripping over the edge of the ravine 

begging you to come and play 

An island hideout made for two

This is where you want to stay


All glass, all light divine

The windows close you in

No, they let the forest in

They let the light shine

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 5.09.38 PM.png