4 bedrooms ~ 7 beds ~ 3 full baths ~ 2 living areas


The Carpenter's Cabin, the FIRST Eco-Luxury vacation rental in Hocking Hills Ohio.


The wood he turns over in his rough hands is nothing special. His mind works through the possibilities, seeing life within this ordinary block. He rubs the grain thoughtfully as an idea takes shape. The carpenter gently begins revealing what’s inside. 


Carpenters are amazing artists - part creator, part engineer. In building the Carpenter’s Cabin, we hope to highlight the simple beauty in raw and practical materials, just as 

our carpenter friends do. Additional comfort can

be taken in the fact that the cabin was built as

sustainably as possible, in order to steward

our natural materials well. 


The Carpenter’s Cabin is dedicated

to the memory of a resourceful

and gifted carpenter, my father.