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The Best Time to Visit Hocking Hills Ohio

Many people believe fall is the best time to visit Hocking Hills, for good reason! It’s not too hot, the leaves are turning from green to gold, red, orange and every color in-between. There’s something romantic about the autumn season outdoors. But really, Hocking Hills has something to offer in every season.


Winter is a picturesque time to visit the Hocking Hills region. There are far less crowds, but the area is still lovely covered in snow and ice. The waterfalls within the state parks freeze creating a beautiful frozen landscape. (Just make sure you wear the right shoes for hiking!)

Another bonus to visiting during the winter season is that many of the local cabins or resorts have their off-season rates, and it isn’t as difficult to get the dates you’re hoping to book. Plus it can be fun to cozy up inside next to a fire, watch movies or let the snow fall while you enjoy the scenery. Check our booking calendars for special winter rates.

At our own Carpenter’s Cabin, the pine trees retain their green needles and it can be especially magical when snow is falling. The many cozy nooks inside the cabin make for a good place to snuggle up with your favorite book and hot beverage.

At Twelve34 House and GloCabin, the deciduous trees have lost their leaves and it’s our personal favorite time to hike the trails. The ravines on the property are in full view, yet it’s so quiet and peaceful.


Spring is a glorious time to visit Hocking Hills. The temperatures are warming but not too warm, the wildflowers are blooming in the state parks, and the waterfalls are beginning to thaw and are flowing again as the winter ice and snow melts. The birds are also returning from their migrations, finding mates and building nests. If you’re into bird watching or documenting your favorite wildlife species, this is the time to visit!


Summer is another popular time of year to visit Hocking Hills. If you enjoy water sports or vigorous outdoor activities, this is the time of year to come! You can swim in Lake Logan or other natural bodies of water, you can hike under the shade of the trees again, and there’s canoeing, zip lining and fishing. So much to do! You can’t go wrong in summer.


Back to beautiful fall. The Hocking Hills region is known for the breath-taking foliage and scenic drives at this time of year. If you’re hiking at the state parks, the opportunities for capturing nature’s beauty on camera are endless. Of course, it isn’t as warm which is a bonus for many people. This is the time of year you want to cozy up next to an outdoor fire with loved ones and make s’mores.

Our Twelve34 House and GloCabin are situated within the hardwood forested part of our property so the changing leaves are present in every window of each cabin. This is another good time of year to hike our trails! Don’t forget to order a s’morecuterie board for your stay; this guarantees you have plenty of s’more supplies to enjoy with your campfires!

Overall, every season has something to offer in this region. It just depends on what you’re looking for. Book a stay and immerse yourself in the season you’re in.

Written by Meg Fowler

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