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Is Hiring a Private Chef the Ultimate Luxury for Your Hocking Hills Vacation with Ecoluxe Vacations?

delicious salad by CookinGenie at Twelve34 House in Hocking Hills Ohio
All photos by Content House

Looking to make the most of your vacation rental experience with us? Consider hiring a private chef through CookinGenie! We were recently approached by CookinGenie to offer their services to our guests. To ensure that guests receive the best possible experience, we decided to try CookinGenie's services ourselves. We invited them to Twelve34 House to provide a Christmas lunch for our staff using the indoor chef's kitchen and RTA Outdoor Living kitchen with an Ooni Pizza Oven and Coyote gas grill. It was an amazing experience; we highly recommend hiring a private chef through CookinGenie for your stay at EcoLuxe Vacations.

So what exactly is CookinGenie? Here's our interview with Sabah, the Owner, and with Laura, the Partnership & Events Manager:

Jami: When did you start your business?  

Sabah: The idea for CookinGenie began and started to take shape in early 2020. 

Jami: What inspired you to start the business?  

Sabah: It was a couple of different inspirations. Part of it was the need for a solution to find home-cooked fresh meals for busy families like mine. Another part was the cultural influence of India. It is not an uncommon practice for families to have someone cook for them for a week’s worth of meals. I missed that when I moved to the States! 

Jami: Wow, I'm jealous! I've always said if I could hire personal help it would be a chef!

Jami: In what market did you start and how many markets are you in today?  

Sabah: CookinGenie started in my home area of the Cleveland suburbs. We have grown a lot in the recent year and are now operating out of most of Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Hocking Hills being our main areas), major Florida markets (Miami/SoFlo, Tampa Bay, and Orlando), Louisville and Lexington in Kentucky; and have just expanded into the DC/Baltimore area. 

Jami: Your growth in such a short time is very impressive. It's a testament to your dedication, hard work, vision, and professionalism

delicious salad by CookinGenie at Twelve34 House in Hocking Hills Ohio

Jami: If someone is interested in using your service, what would be the first step? 


Laura: The first step would be to go to our website or download our app. From there you can enter your address or zip code and see all the chefs in your area. You’ll be able to browse their menus, and availability and book them in a matter of minutes. 

Jami: What would be the options for a guest at one of our cabins? And what can they expect when the chef arrives?  

Laura: We highly recommend ordering one of the Chef’s Specials! It is an easy way to select the best of what the chef has to offer. You can also book a la carte if you would like to get more creative or craft a menu specific to your tastes. 

Once a guest books they have an open chat with the chef to go over any logistics like directions or any dietary needs. The chef will arrive a couple of hours before the desired mealtime (it will be noted when you book what time that is) and come with everything they need to prepare the meal. They will use pots, pans, and other equipment as available at the cabin. Feel free to engage with the chef or do your own thing! It’s your vacation after all. The default serving style is family style, however, there are upgrades for plating or full service, should the guest choose. Once the food is out, the chef will quietly clean up the kitchen better than they found it and leave you to enjoy your meal! 


salmon on the grill by CookinGenie at Twelve34 House in Hocking Hills Ohio

Jami: How far in advance does someone need to book one of your chefs?  

Laura: Most chefs require a booking 3 days in advance at the latest. You can book them earlier, which is preferable in case there are any updates or modifications to the order. 

Jami: This is why we send check-in information 3-5 days in advance, so guests can make these arrangements. As a guest, it's important to read through the info when it's received and not wait until the day of check-in.

Jami: How does pricing work? Is it per person, per meal? What is an example price range? How and when is payment made?  

Laura: Our a la carte pricing is built to cover the quantity of food made and not a straight per-person charge; like, $15 per person for a salad.  For example, an entree could be $65 for 2 people and $80 for 3 or 4 people. So, the more people you have, the cheaper it is per person!  

Most Chef’s Specials are priced per person. Regardless of how you order, you can expect to spend around $200 for a nice well rounded multicourse meal for 4 or $350 for 6.  

Jami: And you've offered our guests a discount. If they use code "ecoluxe" they'll receive $50 off their order of $200 or more!

Jami: Can I request certain dishes?  

Laura: Absolutely! If there is something you are after that you are not seeing, please reach out to us with your request via our chat feature on the website or email support@cookingenie.com. We will do our best to match a chef to your request. 

potatoes in the Ooni pizza oven by CookinGenie at Twelve34 House in Hocking Hills Ohio

Jami: What else would you like for our readers to know?  

Laura: We think a cabin getaway like the special stays through EcoLuxe Vacations is the perfect opportunity to book a personal chef if you have never done so. You are already on vacation, no need to cook, but let’s utilize that gorgeous kitchen. 

I also never want to walk away from vacation guests without telling them about meal prep! It’s a great option for getaways. Have a chef come in and prepare a couple of days' worth of meals for you to eat throughout your stay when you’re not enjoying one of the freshly cooked Chef’s Specials.  

Jami: OMG. You're talking my love language! Play all day and eat great food without preparing it? I'm in!

Jami: What is the best way for our readers to reach out to learn more or book a chef?  

Laura: Browse our website or download the app! Once you create an account, you’ll receive emails from us to keep you in the loop about promotions, seasonal menu changes, and more. You can also follow us on social media (@cookin.genie is our IG) and contact us directly at support@cookingenie.com

What are you waiting for? Already booked your stay with us? Head to CookinGenie and book your chef!

Not yet secured your vacation dates with us? This is the time to pick your cabin and dates!

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