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History Repeats Itself

"Responsible stewardship of our natural resources."

We learned this week that we are not the first to bring these words to life at the Carpenter's Cabin property. This phrase is pulled from a document on the Ohio DNR website, written by Daniel R Atzenhoefer. (Sources are provided below)

We've made it clear from the beginning that our driving mission is to create a sustainable, eco-friendly cabin from the outside in, showing guests that luxury and sustainability are possible while working within a budget. Our driving keyword is Stewardship. As a matter of fact, this can be found on our website: We believe it is our responsibility to steward well our God-given resources.

What we learned is that our property has had this same mission statement since the 1930s when President Franklin D Roosevelt and his congress signed into law the highly successful federal Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The program did many things for our country including putting young men to work while coming out of The Depression. CCC camps were set up around the country to build trails and lakes, develop wildlife habitats and parks, and plant trees, three billion of them.



"The program ignited a public consciousness for responsible stewardship of our natural resources."

So what's the link and how did we discover this? We often talk to others about what sold us on the property - the very neatly planted rows of pines. It does not have the feel of an abandoned Christmas tree farm, and we couldn't imagine a long ago homeowner planting so.many.trees. Someone mentioned to us recently that the property may have benefited from the service of the Civilian Conservation Corps, so we did a little digging.

Here's what we learned:

- The trees appear to be of the right age - over 80 years old!

- They are planted with spacing identical to that used by the CCC

- The CCC had camps in the area

- A modern image we came across looks as those it was taken on our property!

This photo was NOT taken on our property. photo: TREESOURCE.ORG

This photo IS our property!

We are excited to discover we are part of more than 80 years of responsible stewardship and hope you will join us by becoming a conscious steward of God's resources. Learn more about our initiatives on our We're Green page, and please reflect on the history that has already been made on the property and the history we're creating moving forward. (Coincidentally, our business name is Forward Rentals).

If anyone has additional information, please share!


Ohio DNR


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