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25 Things to Do in Hocking Hills on a Rainy Day

Relaxing in GloCabin

If you’re like me, you savor the occasional rainy day. It might not be quite as much fun when you’re on vacation, hoping to spend most of your time outdoors (if you’re truly outdoorsy, you probably embrace all kinds of weather) but we can help you make the most of an unexpected rain shower either way.

There are things to do at the Eco-Luxe cabins themselves while it’s raining but there are also lots of activities in the surrounding areas. So let's begin, here's a list of 25 things to do in Hocking Hills on a rainy day.

Carpenter's Cabin on a Rainy Day

Each cabin has its own covered outdoor sitting area -

  1. Twelve34 House has a covered outdoor kitchen with seating and table-top fire pit. The fire pit even has a bluetooth speaker! Connect and listen to your favorite tunes or simply listen to the rain falling on the trees around the deck.

  2. GloCabin has a covered hot tub and two swinging egg chairs. The view of that back deck is tear-inducing, it’s so beautiful. I can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy afternoon!

  3. Carpenter’s Cabin has four covered porches - the front deck is covered and has four rocking chairs; the back middle deck has rocking chairs and corn hole; the bottom patio has seating and a hammock with access to the hot tub (maybe you’re unbothered by rain while enjoying the hot tub?); and the third floor loft has a screened-in deck with hammock chairs. That’s my favorite place to be - rain or no rain. There’s something so soothing about those pine trees swaying in the wind and rain.

Beyond the decks -

  1. Every cabin has at least one deck of cards and board games.

  2. Every cabin has a TV with streaming services and DVD player. Maybe a simple movie day is in order.

  3. If you have little ones, they might love a game of indoor hide and seek (maybe adults need this dose of play, too?).

  4. Bake cookies or some other dessert everyone can enjoy together. (Every cabin’s kitchen is fully stocked aside from perishables.)

  5. Cozy up with a good book, one you brought from home or one you’ve found on our bookshelves.

  6. Take a nap! Our beds and linens are meant to provide you with the most comfortable and excellent quality sleep. Is there anything better than napping to the sound of rain falling?

  7. Call Cooking Genie to whip you up a seriously gourmet meal while you watch and learn from their culinary expertise. They offer a special discount code for our guests - ECOLUXE - that will knock $50 off your $200 purchase.

Reading at the Carpenter's Cabin

In the surrounding areas, there are LOTS of options for relaxation or exploration that don’t require being outdoors!

11. Hungry Buffalo - Bury the Axe: This is a restaurant in Logan that has an axe-throwing bar attached to it. The staff will even help amateurs with their technique if they’d like.

12. Hocking Hills Escape Games in downtown Logan: for those of you who like a little thrill.

13. Hocking Hills Winery: This is a family-owned winery in Logan; they even have live music on the weekends.

14. Manchester Hill Winery: a winery located in Tarlton which is just a few minutes away from the Eco-Luxe cabins. They’re currently only open Thursdays-Sundays but we hear their wine slushies are amazing.

15. Hocking Hills Traveling Massage: Contact Brooke by text message or go to her website to fill out their online form to schedule an in-cabin massage.

Hocking Hills Serenity Salt Cave

16. Hocking Hills Serenity Salt Cave: Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is a treatment for a wide variety of conditions related to inflammation or the respiratory system. Some say it can even help emotional conditions such as anxiety. Check them out for an extra special rainy day activity.

17. Jack Pine Studio: a glass blowing studio where you can see live, daily demonstrations of glass blowing or visit their gift shop for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift.

18. Hocking Hills Paint Parties: located in Logan, this studio hosts canvas paint parties, splatter paint parties and even nerf battle zone parties. You can also purchase a DIY at-home kit in their studio.

19. Hocking Hills Candle Works: located inside the Christmas Treasures store, the staff will help you make your own candles (even mixing your own scents) or you can purchase from one of their 150+ variety scented candles.

20. Brewery 33: This locally-owned brewery is located in Logan and has lots of beers on tap.

21. The Spa at Cedar Falls: Located inside an Inn, this is a top of the line spa. Visit their website to see their offerings and schedule a visit.

AHA! Children's Museum Lancaster Ohio

22. Hocking College Nature Center: Formerly known as the Hocking Woods Nature Center, this neat little spot has guided nature hikes, family craft programs and a chance to encounter some of the animals and fish that live in the area. Very cool for nature lovers and families.

23. AHA! Adventure Children's Museum: Are the kids feeling restless? Head to beautiful Lancaster and let them explore the hands-on exploration experience. You just might find yourself having as much fun as they are!

Hocking hills Moonshine

24. Hocking Hills Moonshine: Take a tour of this legal moonshine distillery and get yourself a cocktail afterward. Now serving bourbon, too!

25. Blacksmith classes - Lockhart Ironworks: If you’ve ever been curious about the art of blacksmithing, now is your chance to take a class. This is for ages 12 and up.

Hocking HIlls offers so much more than just their outdoor activities. Which of these 25 Hocking Hills Rainy Day activites would you choose firrst?

Guest writer, Meg Fowler

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