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10 Things to Know before Visiting Hocking Hills Ohio

Resting in the beauty of the Appalachian Foothills, Hocking County and the Hocking Hills Region of Southeastern Ohio was recently voted one of the 50 Best Places to Visit in 2023 by Forbes Travel. The natural geographical formations which include cliffs, caves, and waterfalls attract approximately 5 million visitors a year which include solo outdoor adventurists as well as families. A few trails are even handicap accessible. Whether you're a local or traveling from another country, here are random10 things to know before visiting Hocking Hills Ohio.

Upper Falls Hocking Hills State Park

The area encompasses 13,000 acres of forest

Our properties occupy 32 of those beautiful acres

Rock House is the only true cave in Hocking. It contains seven "windows" separated by massive solid stone columns. 10 minutes from our cabins.

Rock House Hocking Hills Ohio

Depending on the season, you will find 7-15 waterfalls (Yes! In Ohio!). Cedar Falls is the most popular and is just a one-half mile hike.

Cedar Falls Hocking Hills State Park

The largest waterfall in the area is Cedar Falls. Cedar Falls also has the greatest water volume tumbling over the Blackhand sandstone. 23 minutes from our cabins.

Hocking Hills State Park Waterfalls

Ash Cave is considered the easiest trail to hike (And my personal favorite spot to visit). It is the largest recess cave in Ohio. The recess is 700ft long, 100' deep, and 90' high. 23 minutes from our cabins.

Ash Cave easiest trail in Hocking Hills

The parks are free. And we all know free is awesome.

Whispering Cave is the newest area and is a five mile loop with a swinging bridge and a waterfall. 20 minutes from our cabins.

Whispering Cave Hocking Hills State park Ohio

Cantwell Cliffs is the most scenic, the most remote, and the least crowded. There are two trail loops, each one mile long and taking 60+ minutes to complete each loop. 15 minutes from our cabins.

Cantwell Cliffs least busy hardest trail in Hocking Hills State Park Ohio

The popular Devils' Bathtub is on the Buckeye Trail. Begin at the Hocking Hills State Park Visitor Center then take the Buckeye Trail for one mile. Upper Falls is on this trail. 10 minutes from our cabins.

Devi's Bathtub Hocking Hills State Park Old Man's Cave

It takes about 60 minutes to hike Old Man's Cave. The hike is comprised of Upper Falls, Upper Gorge, Middle Falls, Lower Falls and Lower Gorge. 10 minutes from our cabins.

Old Man's Cave Upper Gorge Upper Falls Lower Falls Hocking Hills State Park Ohio

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