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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer: 5 Thrilling Hocking Hills Adventures

When most of us think about a relaxing weekend in Hocking Hills, we conjure thoughts about picturesque walks in the woods, enjoying unique rock formations, splashing around in creeks, seeing breathtaking waterfalls, etc. There is a whole other side of the Hocking Hills experience that you may be missing…..especially if you are a thrill seeker looking for that next big rush. It may seem contrary to your perception of Hocking Hills but let me suggest there are pretty cool things to get your blood pumping.

rock climbing in hocking hills ohio
  1. Rock Climbing

The sandstone cliffs and stunning rock formations provide an awesome playground for those who enjoy climbing cliffs and hanging from a rope (see rappelling). Hocking Hills offers a thrilling experience for all skill levels from beginners to highly accomplished climbers. There are local outfitters to offer all the equipment you will need and provide the instruction and expertise to make your experience exhilarating and safe. You can book a climbing adventure through High Rock Adventures

rappelling in hocking hills ohio
  1. Rappelling

Rappelling is the other side of the coin – you know what they say, what goes up must come down! Talk about a front-row seat for viewing incredible rock formations up close and personal. Again, local outfitters can equip you with safety harnesses, ropes, and instruction to help make your experience something you can check off the ol’ bucket list! Book your rappelling excursion at Hocking Hills Adventure Trek

atv trails in hocking hills ohio


  1. ATV Riding

One of my favorites is defying the laws of physics on an ATV! That might be an exaggeration, but it makes for a great story back at the office on Monday morning. Seriously, if you enjoy riding trails and experiencing the scenic landscape of Hocking Hills, renting an ATV might be right for you. There are designated trails throughout Hocking Hills for riding and outfitters who can set you up with the right machine for your skill level. Don’t forget – safety first! Our guests have loved their experiences at Neville Billie Adventure Park

horseback riding in hocking hills ohio
  1. Horseback Riding

There is an abundance of horseback riding trails available and riding stables that can set you up with the right horse for your skill level and experience. Some areas are not as accessible by foot and lend themselves to exploring on horseback, so if you want to “get off the beaten path”, then maybe a horse is the perfect choice! We highly recommend our neighbors at Spotted Horse Ranch, just around the corner from us.

spelunking and caving in hocking hills ohio
  1. Spelunking, or Caving

For those who enjoy exploring tight passages, remote caves, and amazing rock formations then spelunking (cave exploring) might be the ticket. Having the right equipment, training, and expert help is essential to fully enjoy the amazing scenery and wonders found in some of these rare cave formations beneath the surface. Joining a group might be advisable and taking all safety precautions is an absolute. Ash Cave is a great spot for a spelunking adventure. 


I know I said “five” activities, but there is one more that is such an adrenaline rush that no respectable thrill seeker list can be without it….

ziplining in hocking hills ohio
  1. Ziplining

Talk about a different view of the world, think hanging from a cable and flying through the trees at breathtaking speeds! You’ll be the envy of wannabe Tarzans all over the world! Numerous zipline courses all across Hocking Hills cater to a wide range of skill levels. Knowledgeable people will ensure that you have all the necessary equipment, harnesses, and training to make this an adventure that is worth repeating over and over again.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Hocking Hills isn’t just for the calm at heart! Book your trip today or you could miss the thrill of a lifetime! Contact Hocking Hills Canopy Tours for your zipline adventure.

Author: Scott Jenkins

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