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Ready for Mud!

It was so exciting to walk in and see the drywall! We could really begin to "feel" the space and imagine the rooms being painted and furnished.

The cabin has a small 935sf footprint but lives large across it's 4 floors to offer 1700sf of interior living space. Our goal is to show you can build sustainably on a budget and still deliver a luxurious environment. We can't wait to reveal the finished cabin! You can follow this blog and follow us on Instagram @carpenterscabinoh

This week they'll be mudding and sanding then priming. Another crew will be working on the drywall in the lower level and tiling the bathrooms. I can't wait to see the baths!

Top Right Photo : View from kitchen toward The Pit and the dining room, and out into the beautiful pine forest

Bottom Right Photo : The Pit as viewed from the dining room

Bottom Middle Photo : The main floor master suite, with 9' ceiling and 8' tall patio doors

Bottom Left Photo : View toward kitchen from The Pit

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