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Lighting the Way: The Green Glow of Sustainable Candles

Peripeti: (n) A small thing with significant impact

Hello! I’m Kate Walsh Dodok, founder and creative director for Peripeti Home, a boutique home fragrance company located in Cleveland, Ohio. We focus on clean home fragrance that is safe for your home while providing flexible employment for refugee women.

We love the idea that small things can create big impact, and this is how we approach everything home fragrance. So often, it’s the little choices in life that really add up and mean the most. Today, I’m excited to share all those little things that set Peripeti apart.

High-Quality, Clean Ingredients:

From the very beginning we have sourced only the finest materials and ingredients because this is the foundation of our products and our business. The home fragrance industry is largely unregulated and labeling can be confusing for consumers. We use 100% US grown soy in our candles and don’t allow blends, which are often either paraffin wax (a crude oil byproduct) or other plant waxes that aren’t sustainably sourced.

Insider tip: candles only have to be 51% soy to be labeled a “soy candle” and the remaining ingredients don’t need to be disclosed. if your candle is greasy it’s probably paraffin or a paraffin blend. Paraffin does not burn clean, it also burns hotter, cutting down on your burn time.

We also don’t add dyes or emulsifiers to our products which include reed diffusers, room sprays and wax melts in addition to our classic and wooden wick soy candles. These are unnecessary chemicals that can have a harmful effect on the environment as well as the air in your home. Plus, we think letting the simple beauty of the soy shine through gives our candles an elegant look and gives you the peace of mind that you are buying natural home fragrance.

Custom, Curated Fragrance Blends:

What is home fragrance without BEAUTIFUL scents? Peripeti’s fragrance blends are designed in-house, meaning you can’t find them anywhere else! When I was starting out, I couldn’t find clean fragrances that were nuanced and interesting. They were all kind of “flat” and boring. Not willing to sacrifice quality, I decided to blend my own by leaning on my background in essential oils. It is a passion that grew from there! I always wanted to offer the cleanest, most sustainable fragrances. I’m now pursuing aromatherapy certification and continue to blend original scents for Peripeti.

Insider tip: have you had a candle that stopped smelling after the first couple of burns? There is a very common industry shortcut where manufacturers only add fragrance to the top 20% of the candle, saying that the scent will “trickle down” into the rest of the wax. It doesn’t, it just stops smelling. This is an example of an industry shortcut that Peripeti has never and will never take. We pour our fragrance through the entire batch of wax so your candle will smell the same from start to finish.

Eco-Friendly Mindset:

Our high standards don’t stop at our products. Most of our customers buy from our online boutique, so we make sure to have eco-friendly packaging that will also get your order to you safely. This includes biodegradable cardboard and starch packing peanuts that dissolve in water.

Social Enterprise: Business that gives back:

Small thing / big impact also applies to how we run our business. As a social enterprise of Building Hope in the City, Peripeti merges excellent business and community impact. This means every product purchased supports work opportunities for refugee women. Finding that first job in a new country can be an incredibly difficult obstacle for refugee families, especially for women who have young children at home. Through our connection to the Hope Center for Refugees and Immigrants, we are able to connect with and support these women with employment opportunities.

You can be confident that your purchase is a small choice with significant impact – caring for the planet, empowering women, and contributing to meaningful connection.

A special thanks to Jami from EcoLuxeVacations for letting us share why this is so important to us. We’d love to offer you a code, ECOLUX20 for 20% off your first order at Peripeti Home. If this piques your interest, check out our blog, Everyday Aromatherapy, for tips on using our clean home fragrance!

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