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Culinary Luxury with RTA Outdoor Living

The Hocking Hills region of Ohio is a top-shelf outdoor adventure (On the Forbes Best Places to Visit List!). The area draws you in with its beautiful hiking trails, scenery, and myriad natural phenomena (the Rock House and Ash Cave, just to name a couple).

Hocking Hills Ohio Luxury Vacation rentals modern cabins modern cabin Outdoor Kitchens

After you’ve explored the area, where will you recharge?

At Eco-Luxe Vacations, we offer three different luxury experiences nestled on thirty-two acres of secluded woodland. We hope our guests can rest up for their next adventure while continuing to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings on our property.

One of the two new-builds on our thirty-two acres is Twelve34 House.

Twelve34 was built for couples who wish to have a luxury experience indoors and out. In addition to the chef’s kitchen indoors, complete with Nespresso machine and Aerocino for the coffee

connoisseurs, we offer a luxury outdoor culinary experience in partnership with RTA Outdoor Living.

We interviewed Jayme Muller, Brand Manager at RTA, and Martha Figueroa, Designer, to find out more about their passion for outdoor living and why they feel this partnership is such a perfect fit.

What made you want to work alongside Eco-Luxe Vacations?

Jayme: Not long before Jami reached out to us, we internally discussed the idea of working with vacation rental hosts, to help add value to rental properties. I guess you could say it was excellent timing! Right away, Jami impressed us with her vision for Eco-Luxe Vacations' properties, the guest experience, and her marketing savvy ideas. From the very first call, we knew it would be a beautiful partnership.

What was the first step you took in starting this project?

Martha: We find it most important to learn about the customer's space, their wants and needs, cooking style and lifestyle. Having a great understanding of the space, how it’s going to be used, knowing of any restrictions or potential modifications to the area can greatly impact the design.

What is your favorite feature that you implemented in this project?

Martha: This project featured many of my favorite offerings at RTA. My favorite finish was used - Plank Charcoal. It’s such a versatile finish. The Clean horizontal lines allow it to lean towards a modern feel but would also fit right at a farm style home. The rich black stain is a statement. It catches your eye as soon as you walk on the deck.

Is there any advice you would share with homeowners looking to build their own outdoor kitchen?

Jayme: My advice would be to do your research. Understand the pros and cons of various outdoor kitchen options—working with a local contractor, purchasing a unit from a store like Lowe's or Home Depot, or designing one with a company like RTA. Consider the pros and cons of materials, too. The more informed you are the more satisfied you will be with your investment.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Jayme & Martha: An outdoor kitchen is an opportunity to start from scratch and build it to your space, purpose, cooking methods, lifestyle, aesthetic, and needs for hosting and entertaining guests. Outdoor kitchens create a very interactive cooking experience with guests. They also offer abundant versatility in the user's cooking style and ability to explore new cuisines and approaches.

An outdoor kitchen can also add anywhere from 50-300% return on your investment. A high quality outdoor kitchen should last at least twenty years.

We are so grateful for Jayme’s and Martha’s help, support and expertise in completing this project. We knew what we wanted and they knew how to make it happen. Thank you, RTA Outdoor Living for helping us create the ultimate outdoor experience!

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