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7 Tips for Planning a Sustainable Luxury Forest Getaway

Are you longing for a serene escape into nature without compromising on luxury? A forest stay promises a rejuvenating retreat that's both eco-conscious and indulgent. To make the most of your adventure, here are seven tips for a sustainable luxury getaway to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Opt for eco-accommodations that have made sustainability a priority. These accommodations often utilize sustainable practices such as nominal landscaping, water-saving measures, and organic, natural products, reducing the environmental impact of your stay along with reducing toxins on your body. You can read about our Eco-Luxe Vacations' sustainable selections and practices HERE.

When preparing for your forest stay, pack essentials and minimize single-use plastics. Opt for reusable water bottles, eco-friendly toiletries, and clothing made from sustainable materials. This not only reduces waste but also supports local artisans and eco-conscious brands. At our cabins, you will find luxury, organic body products provided for you, from our handmade soap made by Jami with all-natural and organic ingredients to top-quality organic shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and hand soap. And no small plastics here, to avoid excess waste.

While exploring the forest trails, be mindful of your surroundings and tread lightly. Follow designated paths, refrain from disturbing wildlife, and respect the natural habitats you encounter. A guided eco-tour can provide insightful knowledge about the ecosystem while ensuring you leave no trace behind. Hocking Hills Eco-Tours offers both guided and self-guided tours for exploring the area.

Sunrise hiking on property at Twelve34 House, GloCabin, and the Carpenter's Cabin in Hocking Hills Ohio
Trail Views at Eco-Luxe Vacations

Slow down your pace and immerse yourself in nature's tranquility with mindful activities such as yoga sessions, forest bathing, or wildlife spotting. Connect with the environment on a deeper level, rejuvenating both your body and spirit while fostering a sense of mindfulness and gratitude. The trail on our 32 acres offers the perfect place for this connection. Be sure you find the "Flats" where an Adirondack loveseat offers the perfect mediation spot, overlooking where creeks converge with gentle waterfalls and soft breezes. Each of our cabins has generous decks, ideal for yoga surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Practice responsible waste management by recycling materials, reducing excess packaging waste, and reusing items wherever possible. While our trash service does not offer a recycling service, you may separate items and take them to the community recycle bins next to the Laurelville Cafe, just 5 minutes away.

Contribute to the preservation of the forest's natural beauty by supporting local conservation initiatives or participating in community-based activities. At GloCabin, each guest gets a packet of pollinator flower seeds which they can choose to take home or scatter around GloCabin for years' of guest enjoyment. To preserve the health of our own forest, we had the pines thined to prevent the spread of the adelgid. Opening the forest canopy allows more light and air to move through the trees, improving their health and discouraing the adelgid.

Incorporating these sustainable luxury travel tips into your forest stay will not only enhance your experience but also create a lasting positive effect on the environment and local communities. With a mindful approach, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in a way that is both luxurious and eco-friendly.

Remember, every choice you make has the power to transform your journey into a sustainable adventure that celebrates the harmony between luxury and nature.

Twelve34 House in Hocking Hills Ohio, bedroom views
Bedroom Views at Twelve34 House

Let's embark on a journey where sustainability meets luxury, and the forest becomes your ultimate haven of peace and wonder. Are you ready to escape into a world where eco-consciousness and indulgence harmonize seamlessly? Pack your bags, embrace nature, and embark on a sustainable luxury travel experience like no other at Eco-Luxe Vacations.

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Jami Jenkins, author


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